Advanced program in Kundalini Yoga

It is a life-changing spiritual experience. Training includes the practical timeless wisdom of Kundalini Yoga.

20. – 21.04. 2024
18. – 19.05. 2024
03. – 07.07. 2024
14. – 15.09. 2024
09. – 10.11. 2024

“Teacher training in Hatu Manor is unique because of a chance to retreat to nature and enjoy silence many days in a row. Besides the special venue, I was surprised by the delicious vegetarian food offered during the training”.


a participant from training in 2019


* Personal, spiritual and awareness growth
* Understanding the essence and sacred technology of Kundalini Yoga

Meet our amazing team.

Here are your Teacher Trainers

Terri Mang

Jooga ja tantsujooga õpetaja. Koolitaja ja mentor

Henry Mang

Joogaõpetaja, disainer, koolitaja ja tervendaja.

Margit Kurm

Joogaõpetaja. Koolitaja ja lugude vestja.