Terri Mang is a charismatic yoga teacher, Kundalini yoga teacher trainer, creator of Hatu Academy and hostess of Hatu Manor.

By teaching in teacher trainings, yoga classes and workshops, she inspires people to become aware of the immeasurable potential within them. 

Terri is fascinated by the holistic approach to human experience – creating connections between soul, mind and body and realizing the connection with everything created.

More than 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, 12 years of experience as a yoga teacher, and life experience as a mother and wife of three children have developed her creative approach to life and expanded her understanding of the gift of being a human and the magic and the beauty of LIFE.

Terri lives with her family in an oasis of silence and peace – Hatu Manor. It is a training center created with the heart, where life-changing yoga teachings and a healthy lifestyle meet.

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